Mid-day Etf Update: Etfs, Stocks Higher; Cheered By Upbeat Alcoa Earnings Ahead Of Fomc Minutes – Nasdaq.com

It also forecast net sales of $820 million to $830 million. The company said the sluggish sales can’t be entirely attributed to bad weather that kept shoppers home. In sector news, Acasti Pharma (ACST) was up 13% after the drug company said it completed two trials of CaPre, which it is developing to help prevent and treat cardiometabolic disorders, and released encouraging results from one of the trials. In its TRIFECTA trial, designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of CaPre in reducing triglyceride levels in patients with mild to severe hypertriglyceridemia, the data review committee members recommended that there was sufficient evidence of a treatment effect that warranted the termination of the study.
Source: site internet http://www.nasdaq.com/article/mid-day-etf-update-etfs-stocks-higher-cheered-by-upbeat-alcoa-earnings-ahead-of-fomc-minutes-cm368804

ETF Securities: PGM Demand Leads Second-Quarter Inflows For Commodity ETPs – Forbes

This was quickly followed by the popular QQQ Nasdaq 100 ETF. These original ETFs were created to track the underlying Index so that investors or traders could participate in a broad market segment but also have more liquidity than with a mutual fund since the ETFs are freely tradable during market hours. ETFs have expanded to include Sector and Industry Group ETFs as well as more volatile leveraged ETFs. These ETFs also follow an Index but there are now smart beta ETFs which seek to provide enhanced returns compared to Index tracking ETFs. ETFs have been the fastest growing investment vehicle for institutional as well as retail investors in recent years turning from an obscure product at the turn of the century to an almost $2.3 trillion global industry now.
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/etf-outlook-spdr-sp-retail-etf-xrt-cm368690

ETF Outlook: SPDR S&P Retail ETF (XRT) – NASDAQ.com

The combination of inflows and higher prices pushed assets under management in commodity ETPs at the end of the second quarter to $123.3 billion from $122.4 billion at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, there was a continuing interest in commodities that we saw at the beginning of the year, said Nicholas Brooks, head of research and investment strategy at ETF Securities, in an interview with Kitco News. That marks an important turning point. Previously, commodity ETPs collectively had posted outflows every month from January 2013 until this February, with the exception of August 2013. We think we are seeing a turn in investor sentiment towards commodities broadly, Brooks said. We think thats occurring for two mains reasons.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kitconews/2014/07/08/etf-securities-pgm-demand-leads-second-quarter-inflows-for-commodity-etps/

A Global ETF on the Cheap – Yahoo Finance

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Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/global-etf-cheap-120023637.html

There Is More To REITs Than Just Housing – Forbes

Includes trusts that invest in mortgage-backed securities and other mortgage related assets. Hotel & Resort REITs companies or trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management and operation of hotel and resort properties. Office REITs companies or trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management and operation of office properties. Health Care REITs companies or trusts engaged in the acquisition, development, ownership, leasing, management and operation of properties serving the health care industry, including hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living properties.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/advisor/2014/07/09/there-is-more-to-reits-than-just-housing/

IYE, SSO: Big ETF Outflows – Forbes

Energy ETF (IYE), where 6,700,000 units were destroyed, or a 14.6% decrease week over week. Among the largest underlying components of IYE, in morning trading today Exxon Mobil (XOM) is up about 0.5%, and Chevron (CVX) is up by about 0.5%. And on a percentage change basis, the ETF with the biggest outflow was the Proshares Ultra S&P500 (SSO), which lost 6,000,000 of its units, representing a 28.1% decline in outstanding units compared to the week prior. Among the largest underlying components of SSO, in morning trading today 3M Company (MMM) is off about 0.2%, and Abbott Labs (ABT) is higher by about 0.1%.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/marketnewsvideo/2014/07/09/iye-sso-big-etf-outflows/

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