Gross Has Lesson For Gundlach With New Etf – Bloomberg

Both are managed by the firms billionaire co-founder, Bill Gross . The outperformance highlights how subtle differences in fund sizes and strategies may result in big disparities in returns, especially as its become more difficult to maneuver in the corporate bond market . There are things you can do in a smaller fund that you cant do in a larger fund, said Eric Jacobson, an analyst at Morningstar Inc. (MORN) Enter DoubleLine Capital LP. The Los Angeles-based firm is teaming up with State Street Corp.

New ETF Goes Long On Heavily Shorted Stocks

But are they good for investors? By April 5, 2014 It’s the hottest club, so exclusive no one can seem to get in. Asset managers of all stripes are lining up to offer actively managed exchange-traded fundsso long as they can do it on their terms. On the surface, active ETFs are exactly what their name implies: ETFs with all the transparency and trading advantages they’re known for, but instead of hewing to an index or adhering to a rules-based approach, they’re run by managers…

The Trouble With Actively Managed ETFs – Barron’s

Clearly, high short interest is an important factor when looking for short squeeze opportunities, but a draft prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission says that a variety of fundamental and technical factors will also be taken into account. No doubt the exact process will be a closely guarded trade secret. SQZZ ETF: Possible sign of a top, wonders Kass Value investor Doug Kass wondered if this is a sign of a top? reports Dimitra DeFotis for Barrons , neatly summing up the optimistic bent that must be needed to convince people to invest the SQZZ ETF. First, the reason passive ETFs have become so popular in the first place is because they give index-like returns with very low fees. If you just want exposure to the overall market this is usually the cheapest way to get it.

BlackRock’s Fink jolts ETF business with ‘blow up’ warning
| Reuters

FED WARNED Last month, top money managers aired their concerns during a meeting with New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley. The group, including hedge fund manager David Tepper of Appaloosa Management LP, worried aloud that investors may be stretching too far for returns in a low volatility, low interest rate environment, prompting “some market participants to take on additional leverage to meet investment targets,” according to recently released minutes from the April 10 meeting of the Feds Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets. Fink on Wednesday suggested there’s systemic risk lurking in leveraged ETFs, in comments that resonated with some other investors. “I agree with the notion that the leveraged ETFs have the potential to possibly be very upsetting to the market. It is the leverage that concerns me.” said Dan Fuss, vice chairman of Loomis Sayles. Fink said U.S.

Brazil ETF Dropping The Ball, Ahead Of World Cup

There is good reason for those who are long theSPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(NYSEARCA:SPY) to want to see Team USA exit the tournament as early as possible. Going back in history, the best placement for the U.S. was a 3rd place result in 1930 Uruguay champions). Just the shear mention of that “dirty” decade will send any bull running for the hills. In the 1920’s the markets were roaring higher and seemed unstoppable (sound familiar?). Then came the crash of 1929 which sent the U.S.

Rant & Rave Blog. Bulls Are Bearish On Team USA At The World Cup, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:SPY)

However, EWZ had been making a strong comeback since finding a bottom in February that has many investors considering repositioning their portfolios back into Latin America and emerging market economies. The Market Vectors Brazil Small Cap ETF (NYSE: BRF ) is also at a critical crossroads of technical support that needs to hold. if the rally in Brazilian equities is going to extend higher. This ETF has $160 million invested in 75 Brazilian small cap stocks and may be considered a complimentary position to a large-cap holding such as EWZ.


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