Gop Has Done Everything It Can To Make Sure Obama Is The Wrong Color | earl Ofari Hutchinson

The framing of their criticism has not been polite, gentlemanly or exhibited the traditional courtesy and respect for the office of the presidency. This has done much to create a climate of distrust and vilification that has made it near legitimate, even expected, that Obama be heckled. The GOP’s official heckling has taken many forms, all student loans forgiveness Obama mean-spirited and petty, rather than purely the customary expression of opposition to policies that clashing political parties and their leaders show toward each other. The near textbook example of how the GOP has subtly used race to sledge hammer Obama has been its take-no-prisoners drumbeat attack on Attorney General Eric Holder. He’s been called on the GOP congressional carpet in countless hearings, and pilloried, insulted, and abused for every concocted sin from his alleged master mind bungling of the fast and furious gun sting to his supposed politicizing of the Justice Department. The attacks have all been punctuated by screams for his resignation or firing.

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That amount will apparently balloon to $125 million by years end, according to Politico. Click to watch video Solar panels at the White House A bipartisan bill to promote energy efficiency at government and private buildings has stalled for now in the U.S. Senate, but President Obama is pushing forward with executive actions. And as part of the PR effort, the White House on Friday released new video of solar panels being installed at the White House. Also on Friday, CNNs Adam Aigner-Treworgy reports, Obama will announce a series of executive actions meant to bolster green-job creation and combat carbon pollution. The President also plans to use a visit to California on Friday to reveal commitments from more than 300 private companies and public sector organizations to make the buildings they use more energy-efficient.A fact sheet outlining the details of the announcement brags that these new solar commitments “span every corner of the United States.” They also include commitments from well-known companies like Clif Bar, Apple, IKEA and Whole Foods to increase solar usage.

Obama Popular in Tech World, Policies Less So – ABC News

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Obama touts energy plans, trumpets W. House solar panels

Its fast-paced ethos doesn’t understand Washington’s gridlock. Yet, President Barack Obama remains a popular political figure in Silicon Valley, and the wealthy tech entrepreneurs appear willing to part with their money to support the Democratic Party, especially if the president is making the pitch. Obama attended two high-dollar Democratic Party fundraisers Thursday hosted by Silicon Valley executives, drawing attention to the complicated relationship between the president and the high-tech industry. For Obama, Northern California and the high-tech redoubt around Palo Alto has been a key part of Obama’s campaign money base. And it is especially attractive to politicians because it is continually expanding. “One of the dynamics that people on the East Coast and particularly in Washington, D.C., may not fully appreciate is that these folks are in a space that is growing,” said California-based Democratic consultant Chris Lehane, a former aide to President Bill Clinton.


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